High protein, healthy, Japanese style salmon salad. 

Cooking time 20 minutes 

Serves 2



  • x2 salmon fillets
  • x1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil 
  • 100g (bunch) spring onions chopped 
  • Splash of teriyaki sauce or soya sauce
  • Sprinkling of sesame seeds


  • x1 avocado sliced 
  • x1 large grated carrot
  • x2 hard boiled eggs
  • Fresh mixed spinach/salad leaves 
  • Half cucumber chopped
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes cut in half 
  • 175g ready to eat Edamame beans 
  • Fresh lemon/lime



Put eggs on to hard boil for 8 minutes

Salmon – 

  1. Heat oil in a frying pan on a medium/high heat and add chopped spring onions and stir for a few minutes 
  2. Add salmon fillets to the sizzling pan keeping the skin on – cook for a few minutes
  3. Lower heat to medium and keep turning the salmon on to every side to cook through 
  4. When they are nearly ready (slice into the salmon to see if it is cooked through) turn the heat up slightly and quickly splash teriyaki/soya sauce on top of the salmon so that it sizzles
  5. Add sesame seeds and cook for a few more minutes – peel skin off before serving 

Salad – 

  1. Layer all ingredients together onto a large bowl or plate
  2. Leave hard boiled eggs whole or sliced if preferred 

Place the salmon fillet on top of the salad with the crispy spring onions sprinkled on top. Squeeze lemon juice over the dish for extra flavour. 

Posted by Sarah@Kaido

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